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Vegetarian Thai green curry

This is such an easy recipe to make. The main ingredient is good quality curry paste. We used Mae Ploy green curry paste, or the Thai Taste brand is also good. It’s worth buying these in a specialist Asian food shops or you can make your own paste.

Thai green curry with butternut squash

To make it, we first we put the oven on and roasted some butternut squash.

Roasted butternut squash

In the meantime you should also stir fry your veg and cook the rice. We used mange tout, courgettes and peppers for this, but you can vary the vegetables or make it with chicken as well. For the rice I added some roasted almonds (optional). You can make these in the oven or by deep frying them.

Stir fried veg

After this you put in the curry paste as per the instructions and fry it a bit, and then stirring it into the veg, together with a can of coconut milk. Then add the roasted butternut squash to the curry and sprinkle with coriander to serve.

And dinner is ready!

Rice and Thai Green curry before serving