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Food Hospital – if only there was one!

An apple a day…

Yesterday I saw a programme called Food Hospital on Channel 4’s catch up service. You can watch it only if you are in the UK.

It confirmed what I already believe that eating the right diet can cure many of our conditions and diseases.

Tackling Alopecia

In this programme they cured a girl’s Alopecia which is a condition where all your hair falls out. They put her on special immunity, which is basically a healthy balanced diet that everyone should eat all the time. The magic combination of foods that you should eat everyday is below. Following the diet caused the girl’s hair to start growing again.

Daily intake for balanced diet:

1/3 carbohydrates  (wholegrain pasta, rice, potatoes, bread)

1/3 fruit and vegetables

10 – 15% protein (meat, fish, nuts pulses)

10 -15% dairy

Only 5 – 7% high fats and sugary foods

So this is the ideal ratio you should eat to be healthy. I would also add that everything should be as natural/organic/free range as possible especially the meat and dairy.

Treating ADHD

There was also a teenage boy who suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and they made him cut out E numbers in sugary snacks, increased his omega 3 levels and reduced fat levels –  and as a result saw 60 percent improvement!

Fibre challenge – a nice way to say how good is your poo

If you want to test that your poo is healthy you can take the ‘Fibre challenge’ as featured on

Free radicals from over-exercising

Random fact –  too much strenuous exercise (as well as smoking and drinking) increases free radicals in the body. So you should eat a big portion of watercress about 2hrs before your workout as this reduces free radicals. Also eat broccoli and cabbage in your diet to generally decrease free radicals.

Extreme eating – fruitarianism

There was also a guy who only ate fruit – a ‘Fruitarian’ and ate some seeds and lettuce for dinner – apparently according to the experts that’s not healthy, as too much sugar from the fruit could develop diabetes and his bones were that of a 50 year old, even though he was only 30.

Anyway, I hope that inspired you to eat well, I’ve certainly been trying to figure out how much of what I’ve been eating and if it’s the right percentage, although it looks like I’ve still got some work to do especially on eating brown carbs instead of white.

Happy eating!