Risotto with parmesan and herbs

Herb risotto and salad

This is a great light meal, and this one is based on a recipe from the Czech Apetit food magazine, which I bought while I was hungry at the airport and I fantasied about the food I would make when I got home.

To make this risotto you need:

1,5l of  boiling vegetable stock

50g butter

2 handfuls of fresh herbs (parsley, basil, chives), half finely chopped

50g parmesan, half finely grated and half flakes

1 onion

300g risotto rice

2 tbl spoons of olive oil, out of which 1 spoon is mixed with 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar for serving

150ml white wine

salt and freshly grated black pepper

Serves 4 | Prep and cook time is 45 mins

Fry the onion on half of the butter, stir in the rice and coat it in oil. Add in the wine and let it evaporate. Then pour in the boiling stick one ladle full at a time, always letting the liquid evaporate, before adding the next one, until the rice is cooked. Then take off the fire, and stir in the grated parmesan, the chopped herbs and remaining butter, with a tbl spoon of oil and season to taste with salt and pepper. Mix the rest of the herbs with the oil and balsamic and spoon this mixture on the top of the risotto along with the parmesan flakes to serve.

For the salad – get mixed leaves and toast a mix of pumpkin sunflower seends on a dry pan until golden. Toss in the salad, seasoning with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

Bon apetit!


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