My food highs and lows – holiday grub

I don’t know about you, but what I always get anxious about food on holidays and trips.

Because food is so central to my life – I need to eat well or I’m grumpy. Some say it’s psychological, but even in good restaurants my belly hurts after a meal, which it never does when I cook at home, probably I suspect, because the food in any restaurant is not as good quality as you would make for yourself at home and perhaps also because one tends to pick less healthy food in restaurants, because you want to ‘treat’ yourself to something you don’t make at home, or because there is simply not a healthy alternative. Also portions in restaurants tend to be bigger so you end up eating more. Often the food in restaurants sounds and looks good, but leaves you feeling sicky and heavy afterwards.

So if I’m fussy about good restaurant food, you can imagine how fussy I get about bad food. I hate when I’m starving and end up eating in a bad restaurant or have to eat junk food because there is nothing else available.

Recently while on holiday in a remote village in the Czech Republic, I was subjected to having to eat out in local pubs, which would leave you feeling ill, even though I would choose the blandest possible food like rice and veg. That’s why I haven’t even bothered posting on the blog, as there was no food worth writing about.

So I was relieved when I got back home and could again have my own home cooked meal – and this was it:

‘Lečo’ – Czech dish of light green peppers, tomatoes, onions and egg (salami optional)

It was a Czech dish called ‘Lečo’ with potatoes and some Camembert type cheese – it was what I found in the house, but it tasted yummy, although usually it’s served with white bread rolls.

The next day we went cycling for 3 hours and ended up having food in a good restaurant – the traditional Czech ‘Svíčková’ which is a cream sauce, with dumplings and beef (served with cranberry sauce). It was nice, but heavy and again I choose it because there wasn’t really a good healthier alternative.

Svíčková sauce

After that I managed an hour’s sloow ride back home and had a dinner of roast veg oven grilled with balkan cheese.

Roast tomatoes and peppers stuffed with balkan cheese

How about you are you fussy when it comes to eating out? Are you like me and research good restaurants when you go on a trip or do you just go with the flow and eat where you feel like?

Happy holiday eating 🙂


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