Here today, gone tomorrow

Since I got to the Czech Republic, I had a craving for the no 1 Czech vegetarian dish – a slab of fried eidam cheese in breadcrumbs, with potatoes and mayo. I ordered it once at the beginning of my trip in what turned out to be a dodgy restaurant and got a ready made low quality version, which still left me craving the real thing, so when I passed the deli in the village shop I couldn’t resist and bought some cheese to make at home myself. It doesn’t look very nice but it was darn tasty 🙂

Fried eidam cheese escalope, oven chips and sour cream

Having been given some pumpkins from a visiting friend, I made pumpkin pasta with cream, wine and rosemary sauce adapted from an online recipe.

Pumpkin pasta

Finally we also got some plums from my friend and made plum pie, using my friend’s recipe.

Plum pie


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