Waste not want not

Today was day of eating stuff from the fridge which was about to go off and it surprisingly made for a tasty meal. Personally I hate wasting food, but I have to admit that sometimes it’s hard to eat the older bread, when you’ve someone has bought fresh bread, or eating the fruit that is on its way out instead of the fresher alternative sitting next to it. So today when I was ready to chuck a stale iceberg and very tired looking red cabbage  in the bin, I felt a pang of guilt and so trimmed the bad bits to reveal a perfectly good vegetable underneath.


Lunch was stir fried mushrooms and courgette, which was has been sitting on the table for longer than I can remember along with brown rice from a few days ago (as I always cook more rice than I need) and a salad of said red cabbage and iceberg with olive oil and balsamic. The result was a simple, but tasty lunch.


I’ve been snacking on plums which we bought from a granny selling them by the road. They are now in season and have to be eaten super fast as they tend to go off quite easily.


I needed to use up the leftover balkan cheese from the fridge before it went off and so made a tasty ‘sopský salad’  for dinner again. This is one of my favourite salads – this one has tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, onion and cheese and was served with some toasted rye bread and butter.

So today was a day of leftovers, and it always feels strangely satisfying when you manage to make a good meal out of something, which you would throw away if leaving it one more day. Having looked through the fridge I discovered a Turkey escalope from a few days ago, which no one fancies, so the cat is in for a treat.

Here pussy pussy…





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