Today’s fare

Morning was bread, butter and homemade jam from Lenka 🙂


Lunch was what I found in the fridge – stewed carrots with onions and brown rice. It’s good if you fancy something simple and healthy.

Lunch – brown rice with stewed carrots

Next up a tea break from lounging around on my holiday with a “healthy” snack – rice cakes in chocolate.

With Nelly the Elephant

And the grand finale was a “breakfast” style dinner which is something I have often, as in Czech culture it’s usual to have the bigger main meal at lunch and then something smaller, similar to breakfast at dinner. I like doing this even in England that’s why I often take massive dinner like packed lunches to work, instead of the traditional English sandwich.

Scrambled eggs, butter and kohlrabi and cucumber

Kohlrabi is not very known in the UK, but quite popular here in Czech, it’s common in the summer and tasty!

Tomorrow I’m off to a wedding so will have a break from cooking and will probably stuff my face, as you do so as not to offend anyone 🙂

See you soon!



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