Summer fetish

I woke up this morning and couldn’t resist the left over of the apple strudel and berry cake from yesterday so had that for breakfast.

Later on I worked with the stuff I had in the house and made brown rice mixed with courgette and onion together with oven roasted butternut squash, where I kept the skin on instead of peeling it like I usually do. I had this in a restaurant recently together with breaded halloumi and broccoli and it was very yummy and skin actually tastes really good too.

Afternoon snack was cold strawberry soup, which is great if you want to get rid of old strawberries. I mashed the strawberries and added milk and yogurt with some honey. You can also make it with sweet condensed milk, which is tastier but not so healthy. I remember my grandma used to make it for me when I was little and she had too many strawberries in the garden.

Dinner was tricolore salad with olive oil, balsamic and bread

tomato, avocado, mozzarella

Oh and a retro Czech wafer sweet Horalka to finish – the packaging (and taste) haven’t seem to changed at all since Communism.

It’s been another sunny day today here and I’ll turn into a lobster soon if I’m not careful.


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