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What I ate today

šopský salad – balkan cheese, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, oil, vinegar, salt

My first blog post on my new blog about food!

I already blog about self-development at my first blog maiasworld, but I also wanted to have a blog about food, where I want to post about what I eat every day.

I had this idea while eating the above simple dish, a which is called Šopský salad in Czech, and is very similar to a Greek salad, only it’s with what the Czechs call ‘Balkan’ cheese which is harder than its feta relative.

It might seem like an odd idea, but I’ve always had a relationship with food, and it wasn’t always  a good one. I remember eating normally as a child, and then being a bit chubby when I was around 11 and started being aware of the opposite sex (yes I started early, it seems).

In the past my father was a Herbalife devotee and used to sell it. At the time, both my parents wanted to loose weight and so started a programme called Fit for Life which advocates eating fruit until noon, and then sticking to not combining proteins with carbs, which leads to quicker digestion and so results weight loss. Other ‘bad’ things like sugar, milk, white flour where also forbidden.

I also started eating according to this principle for a few years and it really did work. Eventually though I missed having a steak and potatoes with it instead of separately so I went back to normal eating.

I also went through a phase where I became almost anorexic when I wanted to be thin enough to be a model. I ate as little as one apple a day for three days or so and exercised rigorously, until the fourth day I would cave in and eat say a whole loaf of bread or a whole pack of biscuits. I had the all or nothing attitude. Then I felt really guilty and ate one apple a day again for another three days and overate on the fourth day again.

Eventually, me nor my body couldn’t take it any longer, so I started eating normally. Now I am pleased to say that I eat a healthy diet, and don’t believe in dieting, but just eating well all the time and eating good quality food.

Another inspiration for this blog was the controversial NeverSeconds blog, where a school girl photographed her school lunches and which was banned by the council, because the food looked so bad. But looking at the photos of the food she ate was interesting and so I figured this would also be interesting with normal food.

I hope this blog will be a journey into a conversation about food, inspire readers to try new dishes and hopefully inspire me to experiment and learn from readers’ observations.

If you have any tried and tested recipes that you love, please send them to me and I will include them on the blog.

Bon appétit!